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Financial Technology Role in the Finance Service Sector

The merging of technology and consumers means more control over matters

The need to improve financial services in banking and investment led to the development of 1financial technology. Financial technology changed physically handling money matters by going into a bank branch, to using web browsers and finally now looking over your finances using an app. The merging of technology and consumers, lead to the growing demand for financial technology.

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Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance Jobs

Every company needs cyber security to lower the risk of hackers and viruses

Cyber security is the protection of networks, hardware, software and data that are connected to the internet and at risk of possible cyber attacks or data breaches. Organisations do have options available to them to help stay one step ahead of ever-growing threats from outside sources. Employing experts in the cyber security field allows organisations the peace of mind that their data is extensively protected.

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Big Data and The Challenge And Opportunity for Modern Businesses

Challenges and Opportunity of Big Data for Modern Businesses

  As a company owner or player in any corporate industry, if you haven’t heard of big data yet, you are probably already trailing behind your competitors. Amidst the uprising of modern technology and the rapid increase in digital data consumption, companies have become increasingly reliant on not only marketing themselves online but also have…

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Data Science – A New Field of Specialisation

Data Science - a new field of specialization

As is typical with the rapidly expanding and constantly evolving spectrum of business digital development, new job roles have surfaced over the years to fulfil the demands and requirements of these changes. With the rise of big data in recent years, demand for a new type of specialist has arisen to help businesses – especially…

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Business Intelligence and Data Science

Business Intelligence and Data Science

  We live in a world where information is available to us at just a click of a button. Everything we do, say and interact with, is data for companies. This data is collected using a number of channels that we come into contact with daily, whether we know it or not. But what is…

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Tech Jobs For The Future – What To Start Learning NOW

Man in room studying - in black and white

As our future becomes more digitally integrated, the potential for digital growth in all industries has become a major driver into what you need to start learning to prepare yourself for the tech jobs of the future. Choosing a career at a young age can be daunting, while choosing a career at an older age…

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Top 5 In-Demand Skills In Tech In 2019

Learning In-Demand Tech Skills 2019

The tech sphere is evolving rapidly, making it increasingly difficult to stay up to date with the necessary industry skills. In order to maximize your marketability in the tech space, it is essential to optimize your skills and adapt to current skill sets. At this very moment in time there are ample opportunities available in…

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The Tech Industry’s Contribution to Employment

Tech Industry's contribution to employment

  The rise in new job roles increases along with the rapid growth within the tech industry. An industry that develops tools for automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence – technologies that have been said to have an impact on employment in certain industries – also provides the opportunity for new roles of employment and…

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