4 Tech Startups that Will Change Africa and What You Need to Know About Them

Startups and tech organisations are an amazing way to disrupt and leapfrog the barriers that prevent Africa from catching up to the rest of the world.

Innovation throughout every sphere of life allows the people in Africa to live full lives and overcome the hurdles that they face daily.

We have decided to profile 4 tech startups that currently and will continue to have a huge impact on the African continent.

Women in Tech: What can you do to help?

Women are 45% more likely to leave the tech industry in comparison to men.

Only 24% of tech jobs are held by women globally.

What’s worse is that female held roles in tech have been slowly decreasing over the past few decades.

Women In Tech (WIT) is an NGO designed to promote women working in the tech industry, both in and outside of computing and developer roles.

WIT has an ambitious goal of helping 5 million women in STEM by 2030.

We sat down with their Global Talent Hub Director Melissa Slaymaker to find out more about what this essential organisation is all about.

Kenya Introduces Coding Curriculum

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the Kenyan Education Curriculum will be adding coding as a subject for primary and high school students earlier this month.

This historic announcement marks the first official coding curriculum in an African country.

The program will form part of the The Kenya National Digital Master Plan which will run for the next ten years.

The goal for the Kenyan government is to build its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) abilities in order to push its economic development.

Recruiters Protect You From Hackers

The FBI reports that hackers steal the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of credentialed developers in order to apply for remote working jobs.

Once they are in the hiring process, hackers will then use deepfake technology, as well as voice changing software, to impersonate the person who’s PII they’ve stolen.

Deepfake technology refers to digitally replacing your face with someone else’s, usually this is done with AI technology, and can be done with just a single clear image.

Cape Town: Expand your horizons

With cost of living increasing and the great resignation never ceasing, it makes sense for businesses and programmers to expand their horizons.

Cape Town offers an exciting opportunity, not only for developers, but also for businesses looking to expand their development teams.

Cape Town was recently voted the 3rd best city to live in the world, with Barcelona and Sydney taking 1st and 2nd respectively. However, the cost of living in Cape Town is half that.


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