GirlCode South Africa Spotlight

GirlCode empowers young women in the information and communications technology industry by providing online bootcamps and hackathons to teach essential skills that they may be missing.

Click here to read AES Global’s interview with this amazing NGO.

Internet of Things Explained

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new category of tech birthed from the interconnections of our devices.

Not only is it an exciting field in tech, but it is rapidly growing. By 2021 the number of IoT devices outnumbered conventional devices by about 11.7 billion to 10 billion devices.

Experts predict that by 2025 the industry will be worth around $5 billion and there will be around 27 billion IoT devices.

Because this tech is going to be so important in the near future, we thought it’d be best if we broke it down for you.

Global Startup Awards: Africa Summit

The Global Startup Awards (GSA) is an independent startup ecosystem competition. The goal of the Global Startup Awards is to link the top startups from around the world. They operate in 124 countries and 4 continents around the globe.

The awards are about celebrating startups with the most potential and connecting them to one another. These connections are fostered at the local, national and international level by Global Startup Awards.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is designed for both accessibility and creativity. Production of Python began in 1989, after the creator Guido van Rossum found difficulties with creating sys-admin when working with the Amoeba OS.

The goal of Python was to create a more accessible version of ABC, a highly interactive programming language, but it lacked extensibility and other features that would compliment the creative aspects of the language.

In programming, extensibility means how easy it is to add more features to a program or language.

DAO’s Explained

A DAO is a structure for institutions that focuses on a less hierarchical format, and instead is run by a collective

Instead of a board, the organisation is run by algorithms that are protected on the blockchain, and mostly run with the use of smart contracts.

Is Web3 a Fad or the Future?

Web3 refers to a new “version” of the internet. So far the internet has been divided into two sections in history, Web1 or Web 1.0 refers to the early internet, from the 90’s to around 2004-5.

The “next stage” of the internet was Web2, this is the internet as we know it, with large sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on controlling a large portion of the online space.


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