Tech Jobs For The Future – What To Start Learning NOW

Man in room studying - in black and white

As our future becomes more digitally integrated, the potential for digital growth in all industries has become a major driver into what you need to start learning to prepare yourself for the tech jobs of the future. Choosing a career at a young age can be daunting, while choosing a career at an older age…

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Top 5 In-Demand Skills In Tech In 2019

Learning In-Demand Tech Skills 2019

The tech sphere is evolving rapidly, making it increasingly difficult to stay up to date with the necessary industry skills. In order to maximize your marketability in the tech space, it is essential to optimize your skills and adapt to current skill sets. At this very moment in time there are ample opportunities available in…

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The Tech Industry’s Contribution to Employment

Tech Industry's contribution to employment

  The rise in new job roles increases along with the rapid growth within the tech industry. An industry that develops tools for automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence – technologies that have been said to have an impact on employment in certain industries – also provides the opportunity for new roles of employment and…

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Why AES Global Recruitment?

AES Global: for all your Tech Talent needs Tech employment opportunities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East continue to sky-rocket. But in a constantly changing industry, candidates with the required up-to-date tech skills and expertise are becoming increasingly difficult to find. HR Managers and Talent Managers are continually looking for new and innovative ways to recruit and retain the…

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Your CV has landed you the interview, which means it’s time to prepare yourself as thoroughly so that on the day of your interview you will be in a position to impress your potential employer. RESEARCH: The more information you research on the company you are interviewing with, the people who will be interviewing you,…

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In the highly competitive job market you only have seconds to make an impression with your CV to determine whether it will lead to an interview or not. CV’s are initially scanned briefly, not read, due to large volumes of CV’s being received by HR departments or employers, and it is in these brief moments…

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Looking back on its tremendous growth and its applications far into the future it is not hard to see why the I.T. industry is in such an exciting position right now. Especially if you consider that as long as there are solutions and innovations needed in the I.T. industry, an I.T. professional will always be…

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