How Technology is Changing the Way We Work

How technology is changing the way we work is proven by technology’s track record throughout history, from the industrial age all the way through to

The merging of technology and consumers means more control over matters

Financial Technology Role in the Finance Service Sector

The need to improve financial services in banking and investment led to the development of 1financial technology. Financial technology changed physically handling money matters by going into a bank branch, to using web browsers and finally now looking over your finances using an app. The merging of technology and consumers, lead to the growing demand for financial technology.

Every company needs cyber security to lower the risk of hackers and viruses

Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance Jobs

Cyber security is the protection of networks, hardware, software and data that are connected to the internet and at risk of possible cyber attacks or data breaches. Organisations do have options available to them to help stay one step ahead of ever-growing threats from outside sources. Employing experts in the cyber security field allows organisations the peace of mind that their data is extensively protected.


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