Top 5 Tech Startups to Watchout for in 2023

By Sam Ancer

2022 was a rollercoaster year for the tech industry. 

With all the challenges and triumphs happening within the tech space it can be tough to keep up. We’re highlighting the top tech startups to watch out for in 2023. 

Watch this space for some of the most innovative, disruptive, and exciting tech startups:

1. Yassir

Yassir is an Algerian based super app that gives users access to a number of services including ridesharing, grocery delivery, as well as financial services.

Last year they raised more than $150 million USD in their series B funding round. 

Yassir is planning on using the money they’ve raised to expand their operations in North Africa. 

Yassir claims it is the most valuable tech company in North Africa, having raised more than $190 million USD in various funding rounds for 2022 alone.

With its massive reach within its region, and support from major venture capital groups, Yassir is one of the top tech startups to watchout for in 2023.

2. Ramani

Ramani offers point-of-sale, inventory management and procurement software to help Micro Distribution Centres (MDC) around Africa.

Last year Ramani secured $32 million USD in their series A funding round. This funding is going to help them scale their MDC network and help them provide micro-loans to accredited members within their network.

Ramani allows MDC’s to organise their orders through a whatsapp based ordering interface. Users are able to ensure they are met with the exact goods they are looking for at the time they need.

With estimates of 46% of Tanzania’s GDP coming from informal economies, a platform that optimises the success and assists with distribution has the potential to accelerate massively with a clear indication on how it can achieve a strong bottom line.

With the amount of funding, market potential, and scalability of Ramani in countries with high informal economies, Ramani could become a giant in logistics and distribution.

3. DataProphet

DataProphet is an Artificial Intelligence as a Service provider, helping manufacturers automate their processes and competing at a global level.

In 2022 DataProphet managed to raise $10 million USD in series A funding.

With companies looking to save as much money as possible, and DataProphets unique AI solutions are able to provide a massive advantage.

With its software based systems DataProphet has the ability to scale massively and rapidly, and considering its raised a significant amount of funding last year and has such massive potential DataProphet is doing exciting things in tech.

DataProphet is definitely one of the most exciting tech startups to watchout for in 2023.

4. Fin

The startup formerly known as Finclusion Group, Fin, is a credit-led neobank who wants to close the credit gap on the African continent.

Having raised more than $22 million USD last year through various funding rounds, Fin is in a strong position to provide its client base significant value.

With a product base of financial loans, insurance, personal credit lines, and medical finance, Fin is able to help uplift communities that would otherwise struggle to access these critical services.

With their efforts to now consolidate their holdings in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, Fin is establishing themselves as a major force within the African financial sector.

5. Moove

Nigerian based Uber partner Moove raised $30 million USD late last year.

Moove offers drivers who would have otherwise been denied vehicle financing an opportunity to own cars based on their original credit rating system

More than a million rideshare trips have been made using vehicles financed by Moove in 2022 alone.

Moove also operates outside of African markets, mainly in Europe, but has plans to expand into the UAE.

With its massive existing client base, support from tech giants like Uber, and its potential to scale, Moove is looking to do amazing things and 2023 is looking like it’s going to be a fantastic year for them.

Top 5 Tech Startups to Watchout for in 2023

With current markets looking bearish, it’s important to remember that not all businesses are affected equally. 

The startups we’ve listed here are some of the most exciting startups in the tech space and have made amazing moves in 2022 with more exciting things to happen in 2023.

What are the startups you’re most excited to watch in 2023? Let us know on our social media.

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